LGBTQ+ Rights

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Civil and Political Rights

My administration will be blind to color, a long-awaited dream for the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The rights of all individuals should be inclusionary of sexual identification.  The line is severely crossed, when transexuals compete against biological female athletes.

Simple solution: Create a transgender division for all sports. It would be no different than any other breakthrough sport, where a woman is crowned champion by default, meaning she was the only competitor.  It won’t be long before someone comes for that shiny belt or trophy.

All American citizens should share equally in rights governing our nation.

Social-Economic Rights

 My administration will provide protection for the dignity, freedom, and well-being of individuals, by offering entitlements to education, public health care, housing, a living wage, decent working conditions, and other social goods and services.

SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) is a program that over 32 million Americans have grown dependent on. The idea of SNAP is to stimulate the economy. It is a failed notion along with health care benefits, both of which stifle individuals to try and rise above the poverty level in fear of losing their benefits. For those ready, willing, and able to work, we will provide you with such, and you will rise far above the poverty level. If you are disabled, you will be awarded a full array of entitlements that will allow you to live out your life in dignity. If you’re just here for the ride, the ride will end soon. These are trying times, people need help. Let us help them, but not enable them.