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As an aspiring health educator, from a young age,  I have always been cognizant of environmental issues. Trust that it is not fun having been the Greta Thunberg of my day. She is the young girl with the scorned look, saying “How dare you?” referring to allowing climate change to happen.  By the ages of 10-12, I was reading books such as, “Future Shock,” and “Limits to Growth.”  Both books depicted a doomsday scenario that had me convinced my grandmother was too young to ever die old.  Now at  62 years of age, one could say, I did not learn my lessons very well, for this global warming rhetoric has frightened me, particularly living in South Florida close to the Southernmost tip of the United States. How much hotter can it get? My house does not have a heating system, simply because it never needed it.  I am happy to report that I had to purchase 6 electric heaters in the past couple of weeks because it has been so cold.

Clean Air

Now I know many of you are saying, “How could you base global warming on that? Besides, it’s not global warming anymore, it’s climate change!” Yes, you’re correct it is climate change, and it changes every moment of every day. In fact, it has changed more in the 1930s than it has in the 2000s. Earth’s temperature has risen by an average of 0.08 degrees Celsius per decade since 1880. Greta, you could relax. You do not want to be like me in the 70s. Let yourself go, be more like John Travolta! He had much more fun. On a more serious note, there is nothing more important than the air we breathe, the water we drink, and the food we eat. It is far less of a challenge, to test our water supply and examine our food chain than it is to change the atmosphere, and as I do believe fresh air is of paramount importance, I feel the narrative must be moved from global warming/climate change to CLEAN AIR.

The notion of sequestering our fossil fuel supply, with no provisions in place, would be as ludicrous as eliminating the candle before the light bulb was invented, and take note, you still hang on to the candles, in the event that you lose power!

Blanket and hasty decisions, cost people their lives, just as we’ve witnessed with the global rollout of MRNA Covid-19 vaccines, which are on record with the CDC’s VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Effects Reporting System), for having killed thousands of innocent people and seriously injuring hundreds of thousands more.  

Pay Attention!  Once again, know that these megalomaniacs that we have discussed earlier are using Climate Change as a power play, just as they did with the Covid-19 pandemic.  The ultimate submission tactic is fear!  Take the vaccine or you will die, as Bill Gates sells billions of his Moderna vaccinations.  Fertilizer is bad for climate change!  We must close down all the farmland in the United States as they’re doing in the Netherlands! What will I eat?  You got lucky, it just so happens that Bill Gates is now the largest independent farmland owner in the United States, I’m sure he will be happy to sell you some synthetic food, or perhaps,  might you enjoy some bugs for supper?

Clean Air Initiative

This will be a comprehensive well thought plan, addressing first and foremost major cities responsible for large outputs of carbon emissions. In collaboration with top-ranked engineers, I would look to remove all non-commercial vehicles from major cities during rush hour traffic. Encapsulated slow-moving street-level trolly trains will be used to shuttle people throughout the city. This will drastically reduce carbon emissions and put an end to the insanity of bumper cars within the city limits. New construction must include provisions to compensate for severe weather conditions, and solar panels should be installed where appropriate. We must bear in mind that fossil fuels have contributed to the life and its sustainability. Far more people die from cold than heat. It stands to reason why the homeless population who haven’t the option of flicking a switch from heat to cool, fare better in places like California and Florida.

Government should bear the burden of natural disasters, which will reduce insurance premiums.
I caution each and every one of you! Do not allow climate change propaganda to become the gateway to a totalitarian regime. If you allow this to occur, give or take a celsius, I assure you that life would not be worth living.