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The War on Drugs

This is clearly a battle that we are losing. As for the legalization of perhaps less potent drugs, such as marijuana, let that determination fall upon the states. As for the more potent drugs such as opioids are responsible for 67.8% of overdose deaths, a strategic battle must be waged immediately. We’ve lost over one million people since 1999 to drug overdoses. More drug rehabilitation centers need to be built and let’s get the addicts inside of them before it’s too late.

An all out war must be declared on dealers that supply deadly drugs. The irresponsible behavior of our current administration to allow open borders to be crossed with drug smugglers is an act of aiding and abetting. Our borders must be tightened like a drum. The two-bit street dealers that hand off to the end user, should be shown no mercy, just as the parents of those that lost their children to an overdose were shown no mercy. Escort these dealers alongside fellow perpetrators of such heinous criminal acts of rape, murder, pedophilia, hate crimes, human traffickers, and terrorism, straight to the merciless chambers of death.