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The brighter the stars, the brighter the sky. The brighter the students the brighter the future of our country, therefore the future of our country is looking bleak. I realized my aspirations of becoming a school teacher were fleeting during the culmination of my bachelor’s degree.  After I completed my student teaching at  “The Louis Armstrong,” Middle School in Queens, New York, it became evident, I could not dedicate my life to teaching students that did not want to learn.  The secret to teaching is compelling the student to learn. Don’t tell the child to practice their instrument, ask them to play their instrument.

In my audiobook, “No More Bad Days,” I single out school as the primary source of losing happiness. Humans, the same as any other animal species, were born to be happy. Think of how happy children are, all they want is to run around and play. That ends with academics at school. Don’t judge them, teach them, learn with them, for you never know who may rise from the ghetto and become the next President of The United States of America.

Social Security

The average retiree currently receives around $1,625 a month, for many, it is less than half that amount. About 1 in 5 seniors rely on Social Security for at least 90% of their income. We have put Grandma and Grandpa on the streets at a time when they needed us the most, all while we feverishly send billions in relief funds to foreign countries. Minimum $5,000 a month for seniors plus full medical benefits. Respect your elders!