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This is the reason I stand before you today seeking the Office of President of the United States of America...

 The Covid-19 Pandemic, which began on December 12, 2019 in Wuhan China, placed a Black Eye all across the globe. The moment was seized by the powers that be, to remove our God given freedoms set forth in the constitution. Our liberties paid for by the Blood of America that have established and maintained this great nation that began July 4th, 1776 have been garnished. They muzzled our faces, censored our speech, and unleashed a barrage of medical tyranny the likes of which the world has never seen. It had been planned out to the tee just 2 months prior on October 18, 2019, at the John Hopkins Health Security in New York, and in partnership with the World Economic Forum and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. It was referred to as Event 201. In May 2021, Melinda Gates made an announcement that she was filing for divorce. One month later in June of 2021, Warren Buffet resigned as trustee of the 3 member board, consisting of Bill, Melinda, and Buffett. Buffet makes a point to inform the public he was a trustee in name only, a rather odd omission to have come from a 3-panel board member of a mega charity organization. I encourage everyone to research Event 201. It stands to reason that in 2017, Dr. Fauci predicted with certainty that there would be a pandemic during the Trump administration. The plot was laid out well in Robert F. Kennedy Jr’s best-selling book, called “The Real Dr. Fauci,” where he exposes the heinous crimes against humanity, brought on by Fauci, Gates, Big Pharma, Big Tech, and our own government. This is just the beginning. These megalomaniacs fell short of establishing complete domination of our citizens. A follow-up to Event 201 called the Catastrophic Contagion Event, took place in Belgium this past October 22, 2022. The same cast of characters is planning for an outbreak in 2025, which will be of vast proportions in comparison to the Covid-19 Pandemic, which will involve over a billion deaths, including millions of our children. 

U.S. Healthcare

Secret meetings held by the WHO, (World Health Organization) are scheduled to take place early in 2023. The WHO is a branch of the WEF (World Economic Forum) yet another group of unelected officials that acts as an advisory commission for public health issues. They are proposing a Pandemic Treaty that would transform them from acting as an advisory organization that merely makes recommendations to a governing body. An authoritative body that will seek to remove respect for dignity, human rights, and fundamental freedoms of people.

The International Health Regulations Review Committee (IHRCC) of the World Health Organization (WHO) will present this at the 76th World Health Assembly in May of 2023.
Should a simple majority of the 194 member nations adopt this into International law, the United States Senate would not be required to provide a two-thirds vote to give their “advice and consent.” No signature by national leaders would be needed.
Should Bill Gates manage yet another uncanny prediction of a pandemic,
The United States of America will no longer resemble a place we once knew and loved.

Healthcare in the United States is far outspent than any other nation, measured both in per capita spending and as a percentage of GDP. Despite this, the country has significantly worse healthcare outcomes when compared to peer nations. The US is the only developed nation without a system of universal healthcare, with a large proportion of its population not carrying health insurance, a substantial factor in the country’s excess mortality.

No man, woman, or child should ever be denied health care in this country. Nor should a socialized health care system be forced upon anyone. Our failed healthcare system is a result of people not being able to afford it. The government steps in and offers citizens a health care plan for free, or a nominal charge. The government then limits the payments to the health care provider. This formula results in the catastrophic healthcare system that we have today.

We all face health issues throughout our lifetime. American citizens deserve exemplary healthcare and should be treated with dignity and respect, particularly during their senior years.

In the fiscal year 2020, the federal government spent $5.8 trillion, amounting to 23.5 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP). Of that $5.8 trillion, over $4.8 trillion is estimated to be financed by federal revenues. The remaining amount will be financed by net borrowing.

Allow me to explain this in simple terms. The United States government has no money, not one single dollar, not ten cents, nor even a nickel, or a penny. In fact, each and every one of us are wealthier than the United States government. Without hesitancy, our government would gladly swap their bank account with any child’s piggy bank. Even if the piggy bank were empty, you would not find an I owe you (IOU) in there for $32 trillion. Drop a penny in a piggy bank and take solace that the baby is $32 trillion ahead of the United States Government of America!

Every American citizen should be livid that congress allowed this to happen.
According to the Social Security Board of Trustees, Social Security is staring down a $13.9 trillion cash shortfall between 2035 and 2093, with the expectation that it’s $2.9 trillion in assets reserves will be completely exhausted in 15 years. Does any of this give pause to our elected officials? No, of course not. So they continue to wage wars, send billions of dollars to foreign countries, and fund some of the most ridiculous programs imaginable to mankind, all while they look to get their 5 minutes of fame on some news network and point out the terrific job that they’re doing.

I have spent the past 6 months visiting a friend in healthcare facilities located throughout South Florida. A partial foot amputation led him to 6 different healthcare facilities where he remains to this day. With the exception of 2 hospitals which I found to be respectable both in the Boca Raton area, I felt that the 4 other facilities should be condemned. It is painful to witness the abuse that these patients endure being at the mercy of a healthcare facility that is void of empathy.

The unattended screams of a woman across the hallway from my friend, lead me to her room. I expected to find an elderly person suffering from dementia. What I found was a beautiful 46-year-old woman, whose brain was in the process of being destroyed from transverse myelitis, a known side effect caused by the Covid-19 vaccination. In her case, it was the Pfizer vaccination, the same shot that killed Dr. Gregory Michaels at age 57. Dr. Michaels was a prominent obstetrician from Miami Beach. He developed a condition referred to as ITP, yet another well-known side effect of the Covid jab. Within days it dropped his blood platelet count from a normal 150,000 to zero. Dr. Michaels was awake till the bitter end. He is survived by his wife Heidi Neckelmann and his young daughter. The tragic incident tugged hard on my heartstrings. If they mislead a prominent physician, what will become of our citizens that were being told the vaccine is safe and effective? Now they are coming for our children!

We have allowed our four public health agencies: the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Center of Disease Control ( CDC), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the National Institute of Health (NIH), to become tainted by accepting funding from outside sources pushing their agenda. These agencies must be cleansed from the top. They are federal agencies and have no business accepting monies outside the federal government.

Wake up America! You’ve been had. Is this a path you wish to continue on? Would you like the 87,000 armed IRS agents the government wants to hire, to stick a gun to your head and extrapolate more taxes from you, so they could continue their spending spree?

We are in serious, serious trouble. This is not sustainable. We have been brainwashed to believe that we need taxes to exist because taxes pay for all the wonderful things that we need.

Those days are long over. We can not exist with taxes. We exist because we continue to borrow money, period,  end of the story. Remember the Ponzi scheme? The Federal Reserve, you remember, the private bankers that we allow to create magical money that does not exist and loan to the United States government for profit. A plan conjured up by 6 men, rumored to have been arranged by J.P. Morgan on November 20, 1910-November 30, 1910 on Jekyll Island, who then convinced President Woodrow Wilson to sign this bold agreement into law in 1913.

The time has come for “We the People,” to put forth a bold new agreement that liberates us, once and for all from the private bankers. The Rothschilds, a mere family of private bankers, hold a net worth in excess of $400 trillion, while the United States of America, an entire country, which holds the greatest GDP in the world, is negative $32 trillion and falling fast.

Now let us imagine a health care system properly financed, instead of poorly maintained, and
with the same precision and determination that is used to send rocket ships into outer space, we apply to Research & Development labs, doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, caregivers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing and assisted living facilities, aimed at protecting the most valuable asset in the world, human life.