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In George Washington’s farewell address, he advised, ”The United States should keep its distance from European affairs. A foreign policy based on neutrality was the safest way to maintain national unity, and stability, in the United States.”

Although Washington saw the need for the nation to involve itself in foreign affairs in the case of war or another emergency, he argued that it must “Steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.” There were many wars that never should have taken place. To name a couple that we could still look back upon in the not-so-distant past, was the Operation Iraqi Freedom War in 2003, and the Vietnam War that ended in 1972.

Needless Wars

The Vietnam War is the one that had the biggest impact on my life. I was only about 10 years old at the time. It was a warm summer night, and we all sat on our porch in our little 2 bedroom attached brick homes in Jackson Heights Queens New York. It was a very close knit neighborhood, such a great place to grow up, everybody knew one another. To the left of us lived, “Manny the Fireman ” and his wife Judy, and to the right of us, lived “Bill the cab driver,” and his wife Minnie. Bill and Minnie’s son Johnny, fought in the Vietnam War and they were talking about him coming home soon, which I was happy to hear, because Johnny was handy, and he always helped me fix my bicycle or my go-cart when it was broken. All of a sudden everyone started crying, my Mom, Dad, Manny, Judy, and all the other neighbors that were sitting on the porch. I was too young to know, but when a soldier dies, they send soldiers to their home to inform the family. Two men in uniform were walking down the street. Bill and Minnie were inside, but when they opened the door, you could hear the screams that went on for hours.

Till this day I see more than just a soldier.  I see someone’s son, daughter, father, mother, friend, that is embarking on a mission with no certainty. As Commander and Chief of the Military, all military personnel will be looked upon as my own children. Should one die or come home looking like an unfinished jigsaw puzzle, there will be a reckoning.  That being said, let me make my position clear.  This will not be a “peace through strength”  administration.  We have enough strength to blow up the world. We will seek peace and harmony throughout the world and we will achieve it. My skepticism lies only with those of twisted faith, that somehow believe they are of a higher power that is instructing them to kill. Terrorist groups such as this will be dealt with accordingly.